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Network Effect A Murderbot Novel
by Martha Wells

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This is book 5 in a series, so don't plan on picking this up and understanding everything if you haven't read the previous 4 novellas. If you have read the others, this was a great entry, and a wonderful change with it being full length. I don't want to spoil anything, but this is full of return characters, loads of action sequences, and new directions for Murderbot to go. My only gripe is this seems to be the anomaly, book 6 is going to be a return to novella length.

Pioneers Book
by David Mccullough

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Kindle Immersion Read June selection for the North Kansas City Book Group David McCullough is the Gold Standard when it comes to writing about, and recording of, American History. 'The Pioneers' is a fine example of such works. So fascinating is the story of the Cutler family, Rufus Putnam, Dr. Samuel Hildreth, and others who sought to find a new America expanding westward, one of free education, freedom of religion, and no slavery; forward-thinking shortly after the Revolutionary War. So well written were these fine examples, I found myself researching more information on each of the above mention families and feeling such respect for their united vision of a better life of which we reap the rewards. The Dark Side existed back then as it does now in the way of Aaron Burr. What a nightmare of a man. Many lines in the book parallel our times today which is worth reading, reflecting upon, and consider how some things never change, while other ideas seem thrust upon us as some in our nation attempt to remove, rename, and destroy history with a broad brush, rather than learning from it. The Pioneers is a fine example of history and the men who sought a better way whilst expanding a new nation I'm proud to call America, my home.

Hank Aaron and the Home Run that Changed America
by Tom Stanton

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What a perfect time to read this book. It does seem strange that such progress was made in the mid 1970s on racial relations. Not sure what happened in the 1980s but it all seemed to go away. Just think if we had continued to make progress during that time.

Im Still Here
by Austin Channing Brown

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A powerful well written book that explains how White people are still perpetuating racism. It’s time for White people to become part of the solution.

Dogman Fetch 22
by Dave Pilkey Books

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it is a really good book i think i enjoyed it so much dog man is so funny, pilkey is always funny you should read it!!! that is why everybody should read !!!

The Other Mrs
by Mary Kubica

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Much like Gone Girl, Kubica adds layer after layer of clues until you are so at a loss as to how it may resolve itself that when the final piece drops into place you absolutely do not want to put it down.

If I Could Turn Back Time
by Beth Harbison

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This book spoke to me so much about a women questioning her life choices and then she has an accident that lets her go back in time for a short time. I think at one time or another we all wish we could do that. Awesome book

The Knife Of Never Letting Go
by Patrick Ness

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I just finished reading The Knife of Never Letting Go. I am a huge fan of dystopian books and this was the one and only reason I started to read it. I’ve already scaled the Maze Runner, Divergent and Hunger Games series and this is the next one I’m going invest in. Its plot is simple yet troubles me at the same time. Its core is so original and intriguing, I’m not sure how no one else thought of this first. The book is based on Noise. The thoughts of men revealed to the world in desperation of spilling their secrets. Men can hear others; women can hear it but can’t be heard.

Dance of the Bones
by J.A. Jance

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It took a while for this book to get going but it did have a great story once it did. The Native American stories at the beginning of each chapter were distracting but the real part of the story was fairly engaging.

A Most Inconvenient Marriage
by Regina Jennings

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I quite enjoyed this book. the main character was well written, emotionally strong and believable; the supporting characters added to the believability of the story and her love interest doubly so! I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a historical fiction.

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