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Shooting Kabul
by Senzai, N. H.

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I just finished reading Shooting Kabul. It’s the story of a family, scars on their lives from the bombings that happened because of the Taliban. They flee Afghanistan for a better life, like so many have done. It was a good story and kept me turning that pages hoping for their victory at the end, but it lacked something. It was a bit predictable and I could almost put the words into the author’s mouth before they were even said. The book harbors a good lessen and I would still recommend reading it, but I think it could have been written differently.

Network Effect A Murderbot Novel
by Martha Wells

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This is book 5 in a series, so don't plan on picking this up and understanding everything if you haven't read the previous 4 novellas. If you have read the others, this was a great entry, and a wonderful change with it being full length. I don't want to spoil anything, but this is full of return characters, loads of action sequences, and new directions for Murderbot to go. My only gripe is this seems to be the anomaly, book 6 is going to be a return to novella length.

A Bad Day For Sunshine
by Darynda Jones

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Hilariously laugh-out-loud mystery. Sunshine Vicram returns to her quirky hometown of Del Sol, New Mexico as the newly-elected sheriff, and chaos ensues. Her first week coincides with a kidnapping, an escaped convict, and various odd community crimes. Her daughter is also struggling with her new school. Meanwhile, her past is coming back to haunt her. Fans of Sandra Brown will love the main characters and snarky dialogue rolled into this engaging mystery/romance.

A Long Way Gone Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier
by Beah, Ishmael

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I was surprised at how detailed A Long Way Gone: Memoir of a Boy Soldier was. This topic horrified me, to be honest and I was shocked at how changed someone can be from being a former soldier. Through rehabilitation and therapy, however, you can grow out of these tough situations. The thoughts are still going to linger in your mind and you’ll still see them at night in your nightmares because war can change a person like nothing you’ve ever seen. It can make an innocent child into a monster.

Follow Me
by David Platt

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A fresh look at why being a Christian really means. Looking at the great commission he focuses on the command of Jesus to make disciples. He also gives practical advice on how to make it happen.

The Library of Legends
by Janie Chang

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Perfect mix of historical fiction and magic realism. Set in China in 1937. As the Japanese are invading major cities, university students are fleeing the cities with their schoolmates. One group, from Minghua University are also entrusted with the safekeeping of The Library of Legends, a centuries old collection of myth and folklore. As they march towards refuge in the Western provinces, new friendships and alliances are made and tested as our main character, Hu Lian, discovers that one story from the Library is inextricably intertwined with her own.

Miracle Boy Grows Up
by Mattlin, Ben

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I just finished reading Miracle Boy Grows Up. I was really excited to read this book to see the world from a different perspective and the thoughts disabled people have on the world and the people around them. The book didn’t fail me. It’s slow, yet precise writing made it easy and intriguing to read. It drew more and more complex as it went on - as most books do - and I was increasingly trying to keep up. This was the only setback and other than that I enjoyed it extensively.

Dark Tide The Great Boston Molasses Flood Of 1919
by Stephen Puleo

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Fun book to read. A lot like Erik Larsen. Incorporates a lot more than just the molasses flood. Always love learning about forgotten history.

The Silence
by Susan Allott

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Good mystery told from several narrator's perspective. Set in Australia, the narrative jumps from the past (1967) to the present (1997). In 1997, adult Isla returns to Australia as her father becomes a suspect in the 30 year old disappearance of a neighbor. Memories from the past surface and the tale of two families and their difficulties unfolds slowly as Isla tries to clear her father's name and deal with her own doubts and personal problems.

The Sun Down Motel
by Simone St. james

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Riveting mystery with a supernatural element. Very atmospheric. In 2017, Carly returns to the small New York town that her aunt mysteriously disappeared from in the early 1980s and finds herself following the same trail of clues and mysterious disappearances of women in the area.

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