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Am American Marriage
by Tayari Jones

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At times hard to read and internalize, this book was incredibly well-plotted and very well-written. Jones did an impeccable job with characterization as well as layered metaphors, many of which I am sure went right over my head, and I found myself eager to turn the page. I found it really interesting which aspects of Roy's and Celestial's lives she focused on, and which she didn't. Instead, she focuses on how the characters relate to one another and how we try to make it through this messy, unpredictable, and often unjust, life. I recommend.

by Christopher Paolini

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Seeing Eragon find, and unhinge his simple farm life for a legend after finding a dragon egg brought shivers down my spine! his journey and his bravery really make this story what it is, a story of a hero.

Hank Aaron and the Home Run that Changed America
by Tom Stanton

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What a perfect time to read this book. It does seem strange that such progress was made in the mid 1970s on racial relations. Not sure what happened in the 1980s but it all seemed to go away. Just think if we had continued to make progress during that time.

The Chosen
by Edward Edwards

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This novel teaches lessons on friendship, challenges and true of the call to be a priest of Jesus Christ. There are many seminarians enter the journey but only the chosen ones made it to the end.

Eight Perfect Murders
by Peter Swanson

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Serial killers? Murder club? Agatha Christie homage? OK, I'll read the next one because #1 was fast paced and seems like Malcolm Kershaw must be trapped, but is he? Who is killing these people that are all tied to Malcolm? Is it him? Someone wants you to think so. I can't wait to read #2!

In The School Of The Holy Spirit
by Jacques Philippe

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This book is simple, but very rich in content. You will be surprised on how Fr. Philippe can guide you to be more attentive to the Holy Spirit in a very practical and simple way. It's a quick read, but greatly rewarding.

The Starless Sea
by Erin Morgenstern

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Riveting! I binge read in two days. Not a fan of the same sex attraction between characters, at least it didn't get graffic or go love story, but stayed pg in that sense. The weaving of stories within stories was done so well I wasn't sure how she was going to bring it all together at the end. Time and Fate are the ones that I really wanted to see have things work out for them! Zachary and Dorian we're interesting characters, but mostly a means to an end. I seriously thought there was going to be something else going on with the cats... I'd recommend it, just be aware of a few adult words, not usually my forte.

The Story Of The Trapp Family Singers
by Maria Augusta Trapp

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This an inspiring story about an immigrant family who used their God-given talents of singing to serve their new American country that they call home. Every family should read and find out how they transplant their lives.

The Vanishing Half
by Britt Bennett

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This book feels incredibly relevant to the summer of 2020 despite being set decades before. The story centers on twins who leave their small Louisiana town together at 16, but eventually go their separate ways. One chooses to pass as white and enter a different world, marrying and raising a child, neither of whom know anything of her past. Ten years later, the other twin returns to the town they fled with just her daughter. Years later the lives of both daughters intersect. This book deals with issues of race, but also of family ties.

Doctor Who: City of Death
by Douglas Adams

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Loved this book like I do the doctor who series! the doctor's adventures have yet to fail, as he brilliantly saves the world yet again in the all too exiting novel!

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