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As Bright As Heaven
by Susan Messiner

Such a beautifully written Historical Fiction novel a century in the making. 1918, the year that changed everything . . . The Great War, Spanish Influenza, Orphans, and the funeral business, rarely written about, until now. Characters are well developed and the quad-squad narration is a huge success in delivering their stories throughout their familial and individual journeys. Well done!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
by J K Rowling

After Dumbledore's death in book 6, Harry Potter is left with a mission to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxs. This is a very captivating book of fantasy that will keep a reader on the edge of his chair waiting to learn of the next turn of events.

The List
by Patricia Forde

Letta and Benjamin are the worsmiths for the language list which requires 500 words; no more, no less. John Noa, the man Letta followed since she was little, was not the man she thought he was. Benjamin had set off to collect words and he didn't return for weeks and Letta began to get concerned. John had captured him and was going to let him go in a deep dark forest but Letta and a few of her friends come up with clever ideas and plans to find Benjamin and get rid of John.

The Magician's Nephew
by C S Lewis

Diggory's uncle has these magical rings that he offers to Polly, Diggory's friend, and she vanishes as soon as she touches it. Diggory took a ring as well, and he also vanished and turned up in another strange world. They were both exploring and jumping in pools when they discovered the strange things about this magical if they planted a piece of toffee, a toffee tree would grow. At the end of their adventure with animals, a lion, and a magical lamp post, they become King and Queen of Narnia.

Zombie Goldfish Series

Love this book...goofy and hilarious

by Raina Telgemeier

It was a good book it wasn't challenging but the idea of the book was great. I learned a lot about Day of the Dead and how they celebrate their ancestors in the after life. It was similar to a comic book setup but told a great story.

Trials Of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle
by Rick Riordan

The hidden Oracle takes place right after the Heroes of Olympus series. Zeus blames Apollo for the giant war and sends him to earth as a mortal. serving a young demigod named Meg McCaffrey, he must face many trials if he is to ever return to Olympus. This book is hilarious, in typical Riordan humor. This book is great for fans of Riordan's other mythology novels.

Invasion Of The Overworld
by Mark Cheverton

Invasion of the Overworld is a Minecraft novel about a young griefer who picks on everyone else for his own gain. But once he gets transported into Minecraft, he learns to fight for others as well as himself to not only protect the world of Minecraft, but also the real world. This book is fun, funny, and has a great lesson. It's great for experienced Minecrafters, or someone who has never played the game.

The Hardy Boys The House On The Cliff
by Franklin W. Dixon

This Hardy Boys book was about the boys discovering a smuggling ring involving illegal drugs. The book was full of suspense and adventure. This book is good for anyone who enjoys a good classic mystery novel.

Nomadland Surviving America In The Twenty-first Century
by Jessica Bruder

Reading Nomadland brought about a range of emotions, sadness, anger, fear, and numbness from the reality of what life is / can be, for the Baby Boomer generation. Well researched and written. Kudos to the nomads who shared their stories for the world to read.

beginning, End and everything in between

The people have 12 hours to be together before they all leave for college. Ayden and Claire decide they will go on a treasure hunt to revisit important places.


This book has been tricks and secrets about how magicians and other illugonists perform their tricks. I enjoyed reading this book and playing tricks on my little brother on our way to vacation. It was fun to learn how different things are done.

Who was Mark Twain

Mark Twain was an author. He moved to Hannible, Mo as a kid. He was inspired by the town for many of his books. He had lots of friends and they went on many adventures. They enjoyed the river, cave, and other great places.

From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler
by E.l. Konigsburg

This story is mainly about two friends who go through big adventures together they discover a statue which leads them to Mrs. Frankwieler and from her files they learn a lot. I think you would like this book if you like adventure books.

Crimson Lake Candice Fox
by Candice Fox

Nice read
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