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Love Letters
by Debbie Macomber

I absolutely Love Debbie Macombers stories. This was a great story and lessons that getting over a broken heart is not easy but worth it.

The Boys Of Winter
by Wayne Coffey

What a Great story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team who came an won it all. A great good feel book. Excellent story.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
by Amy Newmark

Loved this book of short stories that kept you laughing and smiling throughout the book. I highly recommend .

Abraham Lincoln
by James M Mcpherson

I Love Abraham Lincoln. What a Great Biography telling of his legacy and the difference he made . What a great read.

Dog Friendly
by Victoria Schade

You can’t go wrong with a book involving dogs. What a great lesson no matter how burnt out you are digs can turn to life around. Great book.

The Women Of The Bible Speak By Shannon Bream
by Shannon Bream

I enjoyed reading about the life lessons learned and taught to us by the women of the Bible. Such great lessons learned from all those years ago.

You Were Made For This Moment Max Lucado
by Max Lucado

What a great book. I haven’t ready any that Max has wrote that isn't worth reading. He wrote Esthers story how she trusted God and followed him. And how we can do the same. Such a Great book.

The Boys By Ron And Clint Howard
by Ron and Clint Howard

This book was good. I couldn’t put it down. It was so interesting to read how Ron and Clint both got into acting and how thry stayed grounded. It was such a Great read.

Illegally Yours
by Rafael Agustin

Very good book. Informative. An eye opener. Very good information on experiences in California that in part are based on class. Also the challenges of being undocumented in America. Through perseverance his family overcame and became American citizens.

The Best Advice I Ever Got
by Katie Couric

Loved this book. Katie shared advice from a variety of people from all walks of life.It was an easy quick read with so much advice and Knowledge from so many. I really enjoyed this book.
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