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The School For Good And Evil #5: A Crystal Of Time
by Soman Chainani

A little slow moving at times - hit a bit of a lull after the initial action took place. The ending had a great cliffhanger to lead into the last book.

One True King (the School For Good And Evil, Book 6)
by Soman Chainani

The finale to this series was great. A lovely ending to the heartfelt saga of Agatha, Tedros, & Sophie.

The Cellar
by Natasha Preston

Absolutely loved this book - the pacing was great and I loved the added depth from getting multiple point of views.

All Laced Up
by Erin Fletcher

A cute story about two different perspectives of time spent on the ice. Great for teenagers looking for a light romance.

The Fine Print
by Lauren Asher (Fiction writer)

I love a book with a good switch in perspective. The story line keeps you entertained and wanting to know more.

500 Great Ways To Save For Dummies
by The Experts at AARP

Excellent resource on ways to save money. There are 500 tips in the book. They seem to cover everything: Groceries, tech, car, house, parties, pets, healthcare etc. I am definitely going to try some on their tips to save money.

Moms On Call
by Laura A. Hunter

the literal instruction manual to raising kids!! With the toddler life I am listening to the behavior section of this book on REPEAT!! ??

Atomic Habits
by James Clear

I love listening to this Audio book on REPEAT!! ?? and I ordered the hard copy now too! I love the tip of habit stacking to train your brain to do something new

Wishing Under A Starlit Skye
by Lisa Hobman

Set on the Scottish Isle of Skye, this book is one in a series about a group of close-knit villagers, their journeys, heartbreaks and romances. I adore how the author always includes the dogs they love! This one is extra special because it not only features Caitlin, a mom who chose to become a mom on her own using IVF, but other non-traditional blended families. A very heart-warming read.

Coming Home To The Highlands
by Lisa Hobman

As the daughter of a Scottish Laird, Olivia has grown up in a castle dating back to the 17th century. Olivia has worked hard to not rely on her name, connections, or handouts from her parents & has been very successful in the New York fashion world. She couldn’t be more different from her brother, who has been a bit of a wastrel, gambling money the estate doesn’t have and taking everyone around him for granted. Tragedy strikes, leaving them parentless, and Olivia is shocked to find she’s the one who has been left the castle, but has to go to great lengths to save it. If anything, I thought the book was too short & would love to see these characters again in a sequel!
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