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Devile's Snare
by Wendy Wang

This is the 4th book in the palmetto series. These books are a great read if you like a bit of witchiness and some paranormal. I couldn't put this book down.

Some Danger Involved
by Will Thomas

First in a series of Barker and Llewelyn Mysteries, this story introduces us to Mr. Llewelyn, the aide to Detective Barker. Interesting information about elements of Judaism such as Golem, fire tenders, and setting shiva.

Neverwhere Neil Gaiman
by Neil Gaiman

A fanciful happenstance in which time and beings collide that requires a man to find the DoorMaker although she has told him to forget her. Love and many other issues arise in this totally Gaiman-like plot of characters from beyond fantasy.

The Other Mrs
by Mary Kubica

Much like Gone Girl, Kubica adds layer after layer of clues until you are so at a loss as to how it may resolve itself that when the final piece drops into place you absolutely do not want to put it down.

If I Could Turn Back Time
by Beth Harbison

This book spoke to me so much about a women questioning her life choices and then she has an accident that lets her go back in time for a short time. I think at one time or another we all wish we could do that. Awesome book

Cottage By The Sea Debbie Macomber
by Debbie Macomber

I just Love Debbie Macomber books. Such a great story about rising from tragedy. And Love any story with an Ocean as the back drop. Another book that I couldn’t put down.

One Perfect Summer Brenda Novak
by Brenda Novak

I just loved this book. It was about 3 sisters finding each other from taking a DNA test. It was such a good read. I couldn’t pit it down once i started it.

The Ragamuffin Gospel
by Brennan Manning

A somewhat difficult book for me to read, not because it was bad but because it was so good and very convicting. A real look at what it means to be a Christian. Basically being real and not fake.

The Starless Sea
by Erin Morgenstern

Riveting! I binge read in two days. Not a fan of the same sex attraction between characters, at least it didn't get graffic or go love story, but stayed pg in that sense. The weaving of stories within stories was done so well I wasn't sure how she was going to bring it all together at the end. Time and Fate are the ones that I really wanted to see have things work out for them! Zachary and Dorian we're interesting characters, but mostly a means to an end. I seriously thought there was going to be something else going on with the cats... I'd recommend it, just be aware of a few adult words, not usually my forte.

The Way Home Gets Longer
by Fredrik Backman

Novella, originally not intended for print, but I'm thankful Backman decided to share his story between a boy and his grandfather, and the person they have in common. It's both heart-warming and sad, but honest.
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